how to make eyelashes longer

There are many ways to make eyelashes look thicker or longer.

Fysiko Eyelashes brand manufactured and distributed by very well known company for growing eyelashes.

Fysiko Eyelash Serum

One of the methods is application of primer first, then application of waterproof mascara (few layers), application of regular mascara – few layers. For best effect – use eyelash curler after primer dries.
Other methods of making eyelashes look longer or thicker are: false lashes application, semi-permanent eyelash clusters or single eyelash application, eyelash etensions.
While false eyelashes are not damaging for natural eyelashes, there are some drawbacks, expense and difficulty of aplication.
Eyelash clusters, singles eyelash extensions do damage your natural eyelashes up to total eyelash loss if you have week eyelashes to start with.
We offer you to grow your own natural eyelashes to the point you can say “Goodbye” to false eyelashes or eyelash etensions.

FYSIKO Eyelash Growth Serum is effective and comfortable way to grow your own eyelashes.
Eyelashes tend to thin with age, sometimes person just doesn’t have enough eyelashes to start with.
FYSIKO(pronounced as fi-zi-ko’) Eyelash Growth Serum will help to grow eyelashes, maximize thickness and length of eyelashes.
Independant research shows that eyelashes doubled in length and thickness within 6-8 weeks.
One brushstroke on the upper eyelid close to the eyelash line is enough to stimulate eyelashes to grow. Applying to often or too much of FYSIKO Eyelash Growth Serum may cause irritation.