10 Best Tips To Grow Long Eyelashes.

Every woman would love to have long and beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows. Thin eyebrows were very popular in 70s and women were making sure to pluck eyebrows until it look like a thin and sophisticated line. Since 1970s, although, the eyebrow trend was moving slowly but surely towards thicker, more natural and full eyebrow.

Nowadays, videos on youtube, where bloggers share secrets how to fill eyebrows so they look more natural, or how to grow eyelashes with DIY eyelash conditioner, have over million views and the number keeps getting higher.

Natural ability of each individual to grow eyelashes and eyebrows is mostly genetic. There is no secret that people, who belong to some ethnic groups, have thicker, longer and darker hair than people from other ethnic groups.

Now, we can’t change that. But we can help to stimulate eyelash, eyebrow and hair growth to receive a full potential our mother nature gave us.

Here are the Best 10 Tips To Grow Long Eyelashes, based on information we collected over the years.

10 Tips To Grow Long Eyelashes

  1. Do not stress eyelashes. Here under “stress” we mean mechanical stress to eyelashes as much as stress to your nervous system which we experience daily as a course of life. Of course, if you, for example, use false eyelashes daily and applying, removing glue and pulling eyelashes is a part of your daily routine, mechanical stress to your eyelashes is enormous. Eyelash curler, eyelash extensions, false eyelashes’ glue
  2. Remove makeup every night. Picking mascara from eyelashes, leaving makeup on the face and eyelashes, not removing makeup build up is not only bad for your skin and number one cause for aging skin, but also slows down eyelash growth and causes infection, including follicle’s infection.
  3. Feed eyelashes and eyebrows with Good Stuff. Stimulating eyelash growth by affecting eyelash or eyebrow follicles will help grow eyelash and eyebrow hair, but if these new eyelash hairs are thin and not shiny, it might be a cry for help. It might mean that eyelash and eyebrow hair need more building material to support new growth. It may be achieved by applying Fysiko Vitamin Oil to your eyelashes or eyebrows three or more days a week.
  4. Apply Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum daily. Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum is the fastest and guaranteed way to grow eyelashes and eyebrows if applied daily. Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum is very powerful solution and needs to be used sparingly, one stroke per eyelid is enough stimulation for eyelash follicles.
  5. Take Vitamins: Biotin, Fish oil
  6. Eat Well Healthy diet, rich in protein, provides building blocks for eyelash and eyebrow hair to grow. Make sure to consume enough meat, fish, eggs , beans, yogurt
  7. Take a break once in a while
  8. Skip waterproof mascara
  9. Toss an old mascara
  10. Comb eyelashes and eyebrows well