Secrets of growing eyelashes

Eyelash Growth Secrets

To have great eyelashes some need to be just born with it.

Eyelash growth is a continuous process.
There are three different stages to grow eyelashes. Eyelashes are just like the hair on our body and have an eyelash growth cycle that helps to keep our eyelashes growing.
•Anagen, is the first growth phase, and varies in length depending on the person and genetics; this usually takes 30 to 45 days. This phase determines how long each eyelash will grow.

  • •Catagen, is considered the resting phase. Eyelash growth stops. This phase can last two to three weeks.
  • •Telogen, is the third and final phase. This is considered the shedding phase and can last for three to four months. New eyelashes will start to grow as it pushes the old hair out and allow the new eyelashes to push through.
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