How to grow healthy eyelashes

It is important to know how to grow healthy eyelashes.

how to grow healthy eyelashes

Eyelashes are frames for our eyes. Despite the fact that long full eyelashes are one of the beauty marks, eyelashes protect our eyes from dust and small particles. Healthy long and full eyelashes make eyes look bigger and deeper, more defined.
Had you ever noticed that eye makeup looks unfinished if mascara is not applied?
Women will go to any lengths to create flawless look. Perfect eye makeup looks good only with mascara which makes eyelashes look longer and fuller. This is why mascara makers introduce almost every month more volumizing and more lengthening mascaras, some cost up to $40.00!
But what if you hadn’t been blessed with amazing eyelashes from birth, or lost eyelash density with age or because of allergy or medication?

How to grow healthy eyelashes?

  1. Absolutely important to remove eye makeup every single night. Most beauty icons swear that they saved their beauty by removing makeup at night and never going to sleep with makeup on. Chemicals built up on the top of eyelash roots and cause damage to follicle.
  2. Choose makeup remover for your skin. Most women buy makeup remover based on beauty blogs, commercials or friend advice. Most important is to choose makeup remover created for your skin type. Some women don’t mind eye makeup remover with oil or fragrance, but some are absolutely bothered by oil and especially by fragrance. If you noticed allergic reaction, redness or itchiness, pain after using eye makeup remover, stop using this makeup remover, it may cause you to rub your eyes and make eyeball red and rip off few eyelashes from eyelids.
  3. Choose makeup remover for your eye makeup. Some makeup is easy to take off, and some mascaras, waterproof or not, are hard to remove with regular makeup remover. Most important thing in removing makeup is to be able to remove makeup easily, without rubbing. If your eye makeup remover doesn’t dissolve mascara when applied for several seconds, makeup remover needs to be changed. Rubbing eyes is number one cause for eyelash damage.
  4. Take vitamins. It is very hard to collect all required nutrients and vitamins from food nowadays. Taking supplements is a great way to supply your skin, nails, hair and eyelashes with all necessary ingredients to grow. Our body transfers nutrition and vitamins to vital organs first, so nails, eyelashes, skin and hair may suffer if supplements are not taken. Biotin 5000 mg, Vitamin C and fish oil are known vitamins for hair, nails and eyelashes.
  5. Use eyelash growth serums or eyelash conditioners. Choose correct product for your problem – if your eyelashes are just weak and not growing well, you may use one of eyelash conditioners. Some recommend Vaseline or castor oil to moisturize eyelashes and help to provide nutrients from outside. There are several eyelash conditioners on the market. L’Oreal, Dior and other companies make eyelash serum or eyelash conditioner, which is cheaper than eyelash growth serums. Eyelash conditioners are great if your eyelashes need moisture and vitamins and some support. When situation is drastic, like eyelash loss because of age, hormonal changes, medication, chemo therapy or sickness and bold spots on eyelids due to eyelash loss appeared or eyelash loss is significant, when eyelashes just don’t grow long, or had never been long, then you should use one of eyelash growth products, like Latisse or Fysiko Eyelash Serum which not moisturize but grow eyelashes and eyebrows. This will help to grow new eyelashes and grow longer eyelashes.